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Non-Standard Installation

Allo City Broadband provide FREE installation for normal standard installation ONLY* most houses eligible for normal standard installation
Non-standard installation is any activities out of standard installation upon customer request involve any of the following:

1) Installation of fibre optic over ceiling for landed property which higher than single storey
2) Supply and install replacement fibre optic from nearest FDP/point of entry
3) Technical support service on customer’s own equipment
(Smart TV, CCTV system, PC laptop, WIFI router and etc.)
4) Request hidden cabling with PVC surface casing
5) Supply and install additional CAT 5E cable
6) Replace 2 meter SMF patch cord
7) Replace fibre connector or FWS
8) Re-configure/troubleshoot customer’s own WIFI connection
9) Any special request by customer
Cost for non-standard installation is directly being paid to the installer and not been charged in Allo-City Broadband bill. There are guidelines and fixed rate by Allo to followed by installer.
Installer need to inform customer first and getting customer's approval before proceed any non-standard installation.
Non-standard installation might take place due to certain condition of residential or business premises structure which not suitable for standard installation.
Kindly ensure you received rate card document as receipt (payment proof)
Any discussion and negotiation for non-standard installation could takes place between installer and customers. Any unsolved issue please see below reference

What is standard installation?

Standard installation as stated in the below table.
Standard Installation
High Ride Building Landed Building
1. Building with Pre-laid fibre
2 meter fibre optic patch cord from existing fibre wall socket
1. Where the Fiber Distrbtion Point (FDP) is on the Pole
From pole straight to the entry wall
2. Building with Non Pre-laid fibre
Fibre optic drop cabling from point of DP of riser to Optical Network Unit (ONU) with surface cable clip including Fibre Wall Socket (FWS) installation and 2 meter fibre patch cord visible cabling
2. Where the Fiber Distribution Point (FDP) is on the ground
If the cable blocked outside the customer's compound

How long does it take for ALLO wifi to install and activate my service?

After verify your registration, it takes about 5-7 working days to complete the installation. Each installation can take up to 1 to 4 hours, depending on the type of unit you live in. The installation process involves a site survey, ducting, piping, electrical work, equipment configuration and testing.

What do I need to prepare before installation?

You have to prepare at least two (2) power outlets for equipment setup. If your subscription includes voice plan service (DECT phone), then please ensure that you have an additional power outlet.

Do I need to be present during installation day, or can I get someone else to be at home during the installation?

We recommend for the applicant to be present during installation day. However, if you are not available during the installation date and time, you may appoint an individual aged 18years and above, who can decide for placement of the equipment or any other decision, especially when it involved non-standard installation at your premises and you have to acknowledge the completion of installation.

Do I need to purchase any equipment?

No, that would not be necessary. ALLO wifi plan comes with FREE ONU modem, WiFi router & DECT phone (if applicable) and installation services.

Will there be any drilling involved during the installation process?

Yes, some drilling may be necessary for Point of Entry, but we will request your approval prior to it.

Can I request ALLO wifi's authorised installer to configure/provide IT support services for my own router or equipment not provided by ALLO wifi?

Yes, but it is subject to an additional charge(s) and is payable directly to the ALLO wifi’s appointed installer. Negotiation could be made with the installer.

Disclaimer: Our installers have the right to refuse to configure customers own router or equipment as they might do not know and not be trained on other equipment. There is also possibility installer have limited time to do installation per house and quite a number of installation slot is scheduled on the same day for them to complete.

Why installer is not coming on my scheduled installation date? Why my installation is not completed on the scheduled day?

We try to serve our customers the best that we can, but there might be instances where we face a delay or late approval from the authority, especially when it involves a power/TNB pole. We need to have authorised personnel with CERT to do any installation at the TNB pole. 

There is also might be any technical issue we found during the installation site survey and need to wait for our technician/installer/contractor to attend and fix the issue first. Some technical issues might risk our installer safety and also result in poor speed on customer’s wifi. You may contact us to follow up or double confirm the progress. 

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How do I know if Non-standard installation is reasonably been charged?

Additional charges are applied for any Non-standard installation and are subject to additional charges based on Allo’s Non-standard installation Rate Card. Our installers are also compulsory to provide proof on every Non-standard charge involved. Non-standard charges are payable directly to the ALLO wifi’s appointed installer. Any unsatisfied issue regarding the installation, please direct to careline 1300-38-8000 


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