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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ALLO Internet?

Allo Technology Sdn. Bhd. (Allo), formerly known as Setia Haruman Technology Sdn Bhd, is an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) service provider based in Cyberjaya, Malaysia. Allo begin as internet service provider - Allo City-broadband fiber internet packages covering both residential and business plan.

More recently, after being acquired by Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB), Allo will enable the nation’s premier electric utility company to provide Smart Homes, Smart Building, Smart Industry, Smart City and Digital LED Screens services. TNB has also appointed Allo to implement the National Fiberisation and Connectivity Plan (NFCP) Pilot at Jasin, Melaka. 

City Broadband by Allo is a leading broadband service that began in Cyberjaya and serves corporate, enterprise, and residential subscribers. City Broadband is built on Allo’s own fibre optic network known as Cyberjaya Metro Fibre Network (CMFN) that provides high speed, highly redundant, and dedicated broadband access services.

Who is

We are the top dealer of ALLO Technology Sdn Bhd. We are registered company as Eco Next Technologies Sdn Bhd mainly dealer of Allo-city broadband internet plan and the Main Contractor that help the installation process to provide the Fiber connectivity.

Are ALLO and City Broadband is the same?

Yes same. ALLO is the company that provides the internet service known as City Broadband.

What is the minimum and maximum speed for Allo-City Broadband internet package?

Minimum speed offer is 50 Mbps up to maximum 1 Gbps internet speed. See the whole internet plan here. Our Plan Page

How do I choose the best internet plan for me? I need to check how many devices I have?

Internet speed work best depend on how many devices you have and what major activities takes place. See our best guide.

What is the difference for 12 months and 24 months contract?

[Residential Package]
The difference is 12 months contract has RM 300 upfront payment (will be charged on the first month’s bill) while 24 months contract has no upfront payment.

[Business Package]
The difference is 12 months contract has RM 400 upfront payment (will be charged on the first month’s bill) while 24 months contract has no upfront payment.

What customer's details needed for registration?

We need customers detail such as name, address, IC and signature. We provide secured data protection link to register here

How to know my registration have been received?

You will receive email to verify together with your registration details.
[IMPORTANT] Kindly click the verify button for us to proceed with installation.

How many days it takes for installation?

It takes up to 7-10 days after email verification. Customer would be notified for any installation to be done earlier or a bit later.

How many hours for installation to be done?

Installation takes about to 2-4 hours to be done

Is there any charge for installation?

Normal installation that follow standard installation rate has no charge. Only non-standard installation has additional charge.

What is non-standard installation?

See list of non-standard installation rate
Please be informed non-standard installation additional charge need to be paid directly to the assigned installer

Is Allo-City Broadband internet is fiber optic?

Yes. Allo-City Broadband is fiber optic internet that offers UNLIMITED and High-speed Internet at affordable price. No quota limit for all apps.

What is the advantage of fiber optic internet?

Mainly because it offers more data speed and save more cost. Another benefit it provides higher bandwidth that best handling more devices. Read all advantage

Could I bring Allo-City Broadband internet to everywhere?

No. Allo-City Broadband is a home fiber connected with cable and not portable.

Is there any penalty if I terminate Allo-City Broadband after 24 months contract?

No penalty charges if you terminate after contract end.

How about if I would like to terminate before contract end?

There will be penalty of RM 500 if you ask for termination before the contract end

Would I allow to upgrade the internet plan after I subscribed?

Yes you may. Kindly direct to customer service number 1-300-38-8000 or email

What is the easiest way to pay Allo-City Broadband bill?

You may pay via JomPay through any online banking. For billing guide please refer here.

When are bills due?

Allo-City Broadband use monthly bill cycles but your cycle is determined by your installation date.

Let say, your installation date is 15th November 2020, your first bill amount is lesser than monthly package you subscribe calculated based on 15th November 2020 – 30th November 2020.

The next month December 2020 bill amount will be exactly same with the amount of package you subscribed.

Customer has the choice either to pay on end of the months or on each 15th of the month (based on installation date). But we are strongly suggesting to pay end of the months to avoid the situation customer might forget the installation date.

Please make complaint here if you are not received any billing details after installation

How do I know If I get smooth and stable internet?

You can do speed test to check your coverage. Click here.

How to read and understand speed test?

Please refer speed test guideline at Speed Test Page

Why my speed test did not reach 100 Mbps even I subscribed 100 Mbps?

Speed test depend on the devices you are currently use and major activities takes place at the same time. Speed test is most accurate when connected to LAN cable. There are minimum kuota internet service provider must reach for the offered plan. Read the detail here.

If you are not satisfied kindly make a complaint.

What to do if suddenly Allo-City Broadband internet get no coverage at my area?

Please direct to customer careline 1 300 38 8000 or email to

Make complaint here

Can I change my password?

Yes, you may. If you need further assistance please direct to customer careline 1 300 38 8000 or email to

Can I continue to use Allo-City Broadband if I want to move to another place?

Yes, you may if the place also has Allo-City Broadband coverage. There will be relocation fee of RM 150. Better assistance please direct to customer careline 1 300 38 8000 or email to

What is deck phone and is it come together with internet plan?

Deck phone is home wireless phone and come separately with internet plan. There will be additional of RM 20/month to add up deck phone.

Can I retain my previous phone number if I want to add-on deck phone?

No. You will get new phone number.

Does business plan get FREE deck phone?

Yes. Only 50 Mbps internet plan has additional charge of RM 20/month. Other business internet plan received FREE deck phone.

How to know which area under Allo-City Broadband coverage?

You can check the coverage here

What to do if I have any inquiry regarding Allo-City Broadband registration?

You send us email at or please call 6019-887 7692 / 603-2728 2780
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ALLO internet 24 hours careline.  Call: 1 300 38 8000 or Email:
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