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Best Guide

Suggestion based on activities

50 Mbps

Best for normal social media usage, emailing, simple software uses, medium browser surfing, portal scrolling
1 - 4 active devices

100 Mbps

Best for movie & video streaming (drama/youtube/Netflix),1-2 gamers,
1-3 person have online meeting/webinar/online classes
5 - 7 active devices

500 Mbps

Best for movie & video streaming (drama/youtube/Netflix),3-6 gamers,
4-7 person have online meeting/webinar/online classes
8 - 14 active devices

1 Gbps

Best for heavy software uses, gamers and active website surfing, Big access server
more than 15 active devices
Suggestion based on devices (smartphone, deckphone, laptop, pc, tablets, television, cctv, etc.)

Additional Guide

1) Suggestion is based on devices (smartphones, deck phone, laptop, pc, television, CCTV, etc.)

2) Some activities might use more wifi (gaming, movie streaming, online meeting apps). Kindly arrange your activity among family for smooth and better connectivity.

3) Avoid too many devices plug together in one extension for better internet speed.

4) Avoid placing router and modem near at heat to prevent slow wifi.

5) Any slow wifi connectivity kindly do a speed test (SPEED TEST GUIDE) or ask our assistance (COMPLAINT)

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